How to compact joints with a film

There are special insulating films that insulating the slopes of the roof. This film should be fixed to the walls of the attic and auditory windows, but often it cannot be installed correctly.

The film serves as an insulating material that protects the roof structure from moisture and air vapor. It can be made of aluminum or polyethylene, which means that it is moisture permeable. By the way, it is necessary to remember that one insulating material is not enough to make all joints, grooves and cracks qualitatively. And this must be done, since vapors of moisture and air are a serious threat to the roof structure.

The internal space under the roof should be completely and evenly covered with an insulation film. It is very careful to isolate the holes for the chimneys of the volcano, the attachments of the attic and the auditory windows. Next, carefully fasten the ends of the isop. In those places where the attic stations are connected, the angle between the wall of the attic and the beard of the roof should first be fixed. In this way we received a fairly high degree of sealing. Attention, you can not nail the film (sew), in order to fix it, you should apply a bar at the place of the bend and screw it to the rafter leg.

Facing with hypno -fiber, plasterboard or wood -based slabs – this is a fairly affordable way of isolation.

First of all, you need to pull the film so that its edge goes beyond the wall by about 4-6 cm, then then the plate is installed on the wall. The sealing tape should be glued to the slope of the roof, but this must be done before installation. If you use this method of facing, know that the plates should be tightly pressed against the wall. In order for the connection between the stove, film and the wall to be firmly, the seal should be used.

In the same way, you can level the gaps in the places of the chimney and the window openings. The main thing is to remember that the materials that serve for isolation and seal should be well fixed and not have the cracks. Otherwise, moisture and air pairs will be able to penetrate and deliver a lot of unnecessary troubles.