How to correctly make out the old house with your own hands

If the purchased area has a house or another building on its territory, which cannot be used, then it should be disassembled. Dismantling of buildings must be done correctly and slowly.

Storing disassembled building materials

When disassembling, it is advisable to remove all nails from the boards. Firstly, these nails are still useful. Secondly, the boards can be applied during decoration, so nails should not stick out in them, and thirdly, it is very convenient to store boards without nails, since they take up two times less space.

Storing should be taken very seriously. If further construction is planned, then the boards are placed as far as possible from the pit, and stacks are laid in a high place so that these structures do not flood during the rain or melting snow mass.

Do not forget that for a temporary warehouse you can adapt the old and unnecessary greenhouse already unnecessary.

It is also worth taking care of your own safety. When disassembling the house, first the skin is removed, and then the racks so that the collapse does not occur.

If a mixture containing sawdust and lime was used as insulation building materials, then it can also be useful in due time. Therefore, it must be packaged in bags made of polyethylene and placed under a canopy.

Dismantling of the roof

First of all, slate is removed from the roof. It must be discarded in an upright position so that the sheets are reliably pierced into the ground. If the slate falls flat, then it will most likely break.

Remove the slate from the roof can be one person. But at the next stages of work on the demolition of the roof, he will definitely need assistants.

Dismantling wall surfaces and basement

After removing the outer wall sheathing, the frame becomes visible, which includes the beams and logs. The hardest thing to cope with logs. They usually play the role of beams for overlap. The thing is that the logs are quite heavy. Therefore, it is advisable to arrange a special guide device. After nothing the logs from the “nest”, it should be moved along the guide to the edge of the frame, and then throw it down. It is always easier to roll. After the elimination of logs, the frame that formed the wall surfaces can simply be ruined in different directions.

The lower overlap is usually wet and heavy. The greatest difficulty is the long logs used as the lower binding. For their disassembly, assistants may again be needed. All other finish work can be done independently.