How to create a kitchen design in Khrushchevka

The people are called “Khrushchevs” panel houses, from 2 to 5 floors, erected in the Soviet Union after the war. Many owners of such apartments often think about what design to choose for a small kitchen. There are some tips:

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Neutral tones should be selected for such a kitchen, since they are able to deceive vision and visually increase the space. Dark and bright tones are used to emphasize some interior details. Cream and beige tones will also look good in combination with abstract pictures or specially selected patterns.

As for the curtains, it is better to hang light curtains or Roman curtains in a small kitchen, as they gently dispel the light. The facades should be finished with a smooth glossy surface.

If the opportunity is given to combine the kitchen with the next room, then she should definitely use it. Bright tones should not be used in the design of the kitchen, as well as color transitions with clear faces – this will visually reduce the space, making visually the kitchen even more closely.