How to create a wonderful atmosphere

Of course, even the day of one natural light will not be enough for you, so you have to play a little with artificial. And there is something to choose from. Scattered light from halogen lamps, which is reflected in mirror surfaces, will give a little shine even to a small room.

Lamps will be a great and very compact option if they are placed along the ceiling perimeter of the hallway. A wonderful atmosphere will create internal illumination of decorative elements and mirrors, and the ceiling with built -in lamps will complement this picture. The only thing you should avoid is bulky floor lamps, sconces and chandeliers. Will complement the design of your home input metal doors to buy which is now very simple. You can purchase metal doors through an online store or in specialized stores. The cost of metal doors will pleasantly surprise you.

Correctly lit artistic panels or picture is a great idea of ​​decorating your hallway. As decorative elements, you can use niches in the walls (the most pragmatic owners can use them for storing different little things, inserting the shelves made of glass). And imitation of the type of sea coast or open windows will not only create the necessary visual effect, but also cheer up.

Perhaps the main problem of the hallway is the accumulation of clothes and furniture items. In European countries, it is not customary to store their clothes and shoes in the hallway: there are wardrobes for these purposes.