How to create an atmosphere of a country house in the city?

More and more residents of large megacities are striving to break out of the arms of the “stone jungle” and settle in nature. But they do not want to part with the usual urban comfort. For such lovers of nature and comfort, experts suggest creating a cozy atmosphere of a country house in the apartment.

This effect is achieved by installing a certain attributes in the apartment, in particular small fountains, fireplaces, as well as monuments from stone or any other material.

Let’s look in more detail with each element. So you decided to buy a fountain. Before taking such a step, make sure that this design will fit into your interior. Calculate the size, as too large or vice versa a small fountain will give you more troubles than pleasure. Think about the color component so that the fountain looks natural and at your interest.

To do this, you can install a sculpture near the fountain, it is better, of course, if it is a monument made of artificial stone, since it is easier and more convenient to install, and will cost you cheaper than natural.

Today you can buy a fountain in the form of a ready -made author’s sculpture. It should be taken into account the fact that it is better to install homemade or, as it is called, the indoor fountain is best in the room where there are no heating devices, including fireplaces. Fire and water – elements that go badly.

But, despite this, a large number of people, strive to acquire both a fountain and a fireplace. There is only one way out: the correct zoning, that is, if you installed the fireplace in the room and want to place the fountain there, install it at the opposite end of the room.

Framps are generally a separate topic for conversation, as they give an ordinary city apartment a kind of status and weight. An important element of this design is the portal. He acts as a business card of the apartment. The more massive and voluminous portal for the fireplace you choose, the more solidity it will give the room and the entire apartment as a whole.

Your main task can be called the right choice of finishing material. Today in the construction market, the choice of materials from which you can make a portal for a fireplace is very wide, and on the Internet you will easily find sketches for their manufacture. But if you do not have enough time to engage in repairs, you can contact the professionals, sharing with them your ideas, and your city apartment will gain a charming village comfort.