How to cut ceramic tiles correctly

Ceramic tiles are cut with glass cutter. First, the line is marked with a line and draw it with a soft pencil (even better than a glassographer) on the main glossy surface. At this time, the line must only be parallel to the faces of ceramic tiles, otherwise when laying laying, the suture curve may turn out. Then the tiles are laid out on a strong and even base, and under the line with glass cutter a head of the main layer is formed. During cutting, glass cutter should be crushed with equal effort, you do not need to carry out a glass cutter along one line twice. After that, the tiles are broken about the seam of the countertops, the label of the sores made of wood, having previously tapped along the length of the cut line from the inside of the tile of the hammer or glass cutter. The narrowest parts are broken off with ticks. Small sizes oval and round cuts in wastewriter, appearing during cladding near the pipes, are also bitten by nippers or forceps in small pieces. If suddenly the pipe is in the middle of ceramic tiles, then the tile should be cut in half and tuck round holes in two particles. After all, the particles are installed by such a manner, so that the seam is invisible.