How to decorate a country house for the New Year

If it is enough to decorate the hall and the living room in the apartment, then this is not enough in the country house – I want to feel the holiday already on the way to the house, that is, to see the site decorated by the decorated. That, in addition to bulbs and garlands, you can use for this?

At the gate and doors, you can hang the attributes of the holiday – spruce branches bent into wreaths and decorated with balls, bows and tinsel, fractures from plywood, snowflakes, snowmen, etc. P.

Well, on the festive evening itself, you can hang and set fire to ice flashlights – put in a glass the light twigs and a variety of jewelry, pour slightly tinted water, freeze and do not forget to insert a candle.

And do not forget that it is very good to sculpt snowmen and other snow and ice sculptures, as well as ride from an ice slide!

It is very important to have time to finish all last year’s affairs before the New Year. For example, laying tiles in the toilet, postponed for later, can make the mood not so festive. After all, even princesses, as they say, poop