How to decorate gifts for your loved ones

We will not have time to blink, how the New Year will come – the time of elegant Christmas tree, juicy tangerines, delicious olivier and, of course, pleasant gifts. In order not to run around crowded shops on the eve of the holiday, it is better to think about preparing presentations for your loved ones now. Do not forget – a beautiful gift should have a beautiful gift packaging. You can buy a ready -made wrapper, but it is more pleasant to prepare the original packaging with your own hands.

Original ideas of packages

Any gift made by yourself has much more value than diamonds or rolexes. Therefore, do not be lazy and please your relatives not only with interesting gifts, but also with the original presentation:

Craft paper and threads. Pack the box with a gift in stylish craft paper and in order to make this package interesting, wrap it with threads. For example, you can use colorful threads for knitting, thus creating a rainbow box.

Vintage packaging. Instead of ordinary gift paper, you can use the materials that will give your vintage style gift. For example, wrap a gift with a sheet of a musical notebook or a map of the world. In addition, you can decorate this with additional applications.

Original packaging for money. Even such a banal (albeit very pleasant) gift as money can be interesting to beat. To do this, buy a kilogram of sweets, and make a substitution – instead of sweets, put the neatly folded bills inside.

The gift will not become less important from the quality of the paper to which it is wrapped. But, you must admit, if gift packaging is a kind of unique creation, then such a present will not only cause a lot of positive emotions, but will also be remembered much longer.