How to decorate the house for the New Year in a crisis

There are a lot of opportunities for decorating a house for the New Year. Stores are breaking from a wide variety of jewelry. However, not everyone likes their cost. The crisis made the wallets thinner, and the face is less joyful.

Therefore, I propose this year not to buy new jewelry.

Get the old ones, check them for a festive mood. Who do not please – we will throw out. This is usually what has broken and crashed.

We do the missing jewelry with our own hands.

This weekend you can plan a walk to the forest. Get material for crafts in the forest – cones, needles. And, slightly painted with shiny paint, hang like garlands around the house.

Wonderful jewelry can be made from ordinary paper.

Make balls from an ordinary rope and glue – for this you will have to ruin the balls of inflatable balls. But they can be decorated as you like – to your taste.

Well, if you not only have little money, but there is no place to put a Christmas tree, then you can put it on the ceiling.

Everything is better than sitting in an empty apartment, is it not so?