How to decorate the interior with modular paintings on canvas?

There are many ways to create an unusual and bright interior. Recently, printing on the canvas of Chisinau has been widely used. In particular, modular paintings can be printed on canvas. Such a decoration will create an atmosphere of a real picture gallery. Of course, such a decor should be used reasonably.


Much depends on which room you plan to decorate. This is a personal room or living room? What are the characteristics of the room (metering, the height of the ceilings, etc. D.)? Answers to all these questions will help to decide on the theme of modular paintings, as well as their orientation (vertical or horizontal).

Color spectrum

Colors have a strong effect on perception. If the colors are neutral, the decor will turn out very calm, solid. Bright paintings will certainly become the main accent of the interior, attract attention.


A lot depends on the size of the walls. If the walls are narrow, it is recommended to choose a small poster. Otherwise, the image will suppress the space. Huge paintings are also suitable for large walls. But too small in the interior can just get lost.

Poster type

At the moment, posters in Chisinau on canvas can be printed differently. The choice is very wide. Decide in which places you want to divide the image into parts, as well as with the method of sealing the parties.


The classic version of placing a modular picture is on the wall. Nevertheless, you can prefer an alternative option. You can just put a poster. If its size is large – right on the floor, if small – on the shelf.


Poster orientation can be horizontal and vertical. Horizontal paintings can expand the space of a small room. In that case, the poster should be narrow. Vertical will help to “raise” not very high ceilings. In addition, placement is diagonal. An ideal place of placement of such a poster will be a staircase.