How to design a country house?

The construction of a house based on an existing plan is the most simple, short and cheap way. Similar cottages, as they say, are “tested” by time. But many are unlikely to want the cottage to look like cottages built in other areas. Most probably want to bring their line into the existing plan of the house. In this case, even the most attractive project of the house will need to be processed for the customer, since serious adjustments are inevitable: other loads on the ceilings, other wiring of engineering systems, other loads on the foundation, and so on. I need recalculation of the main sections, and often the entire plan of the house. The construction of a house according to an individual plan allows you to build a cottage that you dreamed about. In addition, such a cottage will be the only and not like another cottage. Having studied the well -done technical task for developing a plan of a country house, the designer will be able to find out the style of the house, will find out the rhythm of your family’s life and your wishes, and as a result it will give out the drawing of the house, the type and interior of which you and your loved ones will like.