How to improve your dream?

In life, we rarely encounter stress, nervous conditions, experiences. As a result: it is absolutely impossible to fall asleep. Insomnia has recently become a companion of many girls. And with her and circles under the eyes, irritability and rapid fatigue. What to do so that the dream is strong and constant? Let us give some tips that will help you resolve your dream.

• Relieve the daily routine. It will be useful to develop a schedule according to which you will go to bed and wake up at about one and this time. No need to bask in bed from an array even on weekends. If the daily routine must be changed, do it gradually – do not sharply shift the biorhythms for several hours;

• If one day you had to go to bed late, and wake up too early, try to relax in the afternoon to restore strength. But do not abuse a daytime sleep: do not get rid of “nothing to do”. You can take a nap only when you feel real fatigue.

• Create an atmosphere that promotes strong sleep. So, it is very important to reduce the noise to a minimum (turn off the TV, close the door). Nothing should distract you. In extreme cases, you can use the ears of the ears or enable pleasant music. For good sleep, darkness is very important. Turn off the light, cut the curtains – and the light will not interfere with you to plunge into sleep. Take care of the convenience of the bed, firmness of the mattress and pillows. There are no general recommendations here: everyone chooses what suits him. For better sleep, it is also advisable to ventilate the room;

• Prepare well for sleep: take a warm shower, read a relaxing book or listen to music. This will create the necessary atmosphere and distract from bad thoughts;

• Lead an active lifestyle, do not eat before bedtime, do not drink coffee. However, shortly before sleep, you can eat something light, for example cottage cheese.

• engage in relaxation techniques: breathe deeply, reject all bad thoughts. Think positively and on abstract topics.

If your insomnia is chronic, it is better to consult a doctor. After all, the adoption of any medication should be an extreme step.

Remember: all subtleties depend only on the interaction of you and your body. You must determine the amount of sleep you need, as well as the most suitable regime and follow it.