How to install a metal door

It is quite difficult to install the front door of the metal, since it is heavy and is designed to provide high -quality and efficient protection of any room.

First, she is trying on the opening for the door. When it is not easy to enter the opening, carefully circle the product along its perimeter and “knock out” the protruding fragments of the wall. When setting a door in a groove box, the beam should freely and accurately go to the opening. Further along its perimeter, gaps are arranged, through which the necessary level is given the box. If the box is equipped with recesses, then they are manually filled with cement.

The door box must be fixed from all sides with wooden wedges. To fix the box in the wall, special pins are used. One end of the pin should be well sharpened for unhindered entry into the wall. The other end is equipped with a “hat”. Then the pin will press tightly to the box

When installing a door box, one employee must clog the pins. At this time, another person provides reliable emphasis of the box by mounting. This is done with the purpose that the box does not “drown” in the wall in the process of clogging the pins. From time to time it is necessary to verify the door level.

After the installation of the box is performed with a rough door awnings and its level is checked. She is also supposed to open without effort and adjoin the box tightly. If the structure is flat, then the door should be removed.

Next, you should engage in an mounting gap. For its sealing, the mounting foam so popular today is not suitable, since it is about the safety and reliability of the door. To get into the room, criminals will only need to cut off the foam and they will have access to the pins. Therefore, the gap is covered with reliable cement. Cement is to be loose for effective adhesion. At the end of the work, the remains of cement are removed, and the surface is given perfect smoothness.

Now you need to install the platbands. With the help of these decorative metal strips, a seam located between the door and the wall surface is veiled. They also carry an additional protective load.

At the finish stage of work, the door is hung. To do this, a special lubricant is applied to the awnings, and then bearings are put on. Next, the door is hung on the loops specially designed for these purposes. For tightness on the box and the door itself, a high -quality seal is glued. It remains to check the functioning of the locks and adjust their adjustment.

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