How to install a wooden skirting board with your hands

Paul or floor covering of natural wood requires the installation of wooden skirting boards – this combination will look harmonious, while a plastic skirting board can ruin the whole impression of the naturalness of the flooring.

The process of skirting board and installation in complexity is not much different from the installation of plastic products. First you should decide whether you need a cable channel for wiring in a plinth or not, and choose a suitable model. In addition to the functionality of the plinth, you need to pay attention to such product parameters as:

Pilomaterial humidity,

The quality of the grinding of the front side (for veneered skirting boards, this is not relevant).

To decide on the necessary submarine of the baseboard, you need to measure the perimeter by deducted by the doorway, built-in cabinets and other places where the skirting boards are not needed, and divide by the length of measuring segments (2.5-3 m depending on the manufacturer). We round the resulting figure. Experienced builders recommend purchasing an additional another skirting board. This will allow you not to waste time on a trip to the store if you incorrectly cut off the baseboard, and not put several short segments nearby – it does not look aesthetically pleasing.

The process of installing skirting boards itself is nothing complicated. It is necessary to measure the length of the walls and cut the baseboard with pieces of the required length – first check that the joints do not differ in color and drawing. If there are many knots and other defects on the plinth, then it is better to place it behind the sofa or cabinet. Particular attention must be paid to the sections at the joints. They are performed at an angle, and first you need to practice the cut on unnecessary scraps – it should be exactly 45 ° – and only then cut the baseboard for styling. To get perfect sections, it is worth buying a special tool – knock. Even with an ideal cut at the junction of two skirting boards there may be a gap – it must be fixed with the help of sandpaper.

The fasteners for fasteners should be marked with a simple pencil, and then attach the strips to the wall with self -tapping screws on plastic dowels. Self-tapping screws should be located every 0.8-1.2 meters. Installation of skirting boards begins from corner to doorway. Then you need to return to the starting corner and continue to mount the baseboard around the perimeter of the room until the doorway is reached on the other side.