How to install frescoes

Today, fresco has become very popular among many techniques of wall murals. When it dries, a transparent film forms, which helps to keep the drawing for a long time. Occurs due to lime, which is one of the components of the plaster.

Environmentally friendly materials are taken as a basis for frescoes. Since they are to some extent paper, they can be used for pasting almost all surfaces, as well as create an image of antiquity. Today, frescoes are not so expensive, so most people are available.

Before sticking the frescoes to the surface, you need to do thoroughly clusening and primer. For these purposes, it is better to use acrylic primer. Although the paint is quite suitable.

It is necessary to know that the frescoes in no case can be glued on a plastic surface, fiberglass and wallpaper. Their adhesive composition is similar to non -woven wallpaper, which need to process the surface and the panel from the reverse side. In this regard, the material becomes soft, so they must carefully care for them. The fresco is applied to the wall and rolled out with a wallpaper roller, removing air bubbles formed under it.

Further, the surface is aligned, and the fit of the fresco to the wall is checked. Only before this procedure it is necessary to close the windows and doors of Yoshkar Ola to buy . When the fresco dries, the remaining bumps must be stretched. That’s all. The work is quite simple, and the effect is simply amazing!