How to install the door

The front door is the very first thing that meets any person who decided to come to visit. That is why it should be beautiful and aesthetic, and also correctly established to protect the home from the penetration of crackers.

The process of installing the door is not complicated, the most difficult thing is to install the loops on the door, since the new doors purchased in stores do not even have nests for loops.

Old houses have doorways that do not meet modern standards, because the doors produced in Europe are now for sale. So, choosing the door will not be easy. It will be easier, although more expensive, to place an individual order.

Do not install the door just brought. Let it lie down for 2-3 days, absorbs air moisture, that is, it will become the same humidity as the room in which it will function.

For the front door you need 3 loops 10 cm long, for interior – 2, 7.5 cm long.

First, the old door and the door box are dismantled. Then the door box is installed new. Then a new door is inserted into the doorway and is propped with wedges. You may have to reduce the size of the doorway, so do not immediately fix all parts of the box.

Now we plan the location of the loops with a pencil. We apply the loop to the door in the right places and mark its contours with a knife in all places.

The grooves can be deepened with a chisel, or cut down with a kiyanka. The bottom of the nest should be even, so it must be leveled with a chisel.

When trying on the loop, it is necessary to ensure that its inner surface is at the level of the surface of the bar, and the rib of the bar to a millimeter coincides with the axial line of the loop. When the loop is perfect, we drill holes for its fastening, through the holes of the loop itself. Then we fasten the loop 4 screws.

Of course, the loops are more than one species (card, which were described in this article), as well as entrance, applied, overhead and PVC. They are installed somewhat different. In this case, it is better to follow the instructions attached to the hinges, or trust the specialists.

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