How to lay a laminate

In order to lay the laminate, you do not need to have any special skills in the construction or repair of premises. Perhaps this is one of the factors along with the widest assortment, affordable price and durability that made this flooring so popular. The main thing is to clearly follow the instructions and recommendations of the manufacturer.

Laminate preparation

After acquiring a laminate, he needs to give some time to “acclimatization”. The fact is that the laminate reacts very sensitively to changes in humidity and temperature conditions. As a result, after laying it in the new conditions, the laminate can simply be crumpled. If you withstand it for several days in the room where it is supposed to be laid, there will be no problems.

Preparation of the floor

The quality of laminate laying largely depends on how high -quality the floor was prepared. Of course, the floor should approach the ideal, in this case, the trouble -free life of this floor covering will be even longer than the manufacturer is stated.

There are a lot of technologies that allow you to make a perfectly even floor. At the peak of popularity, the so -called polymer coatings of the bulk floors produced by the company Grandpolymerservis. The essence is simple. Under the influence of gravity, the liquid that is poured onto the floor is perfectly poured and self -leveling over the entire surface, just as the surface of the water in the circle is perfectly flat. After hardening, the floor is really even and smooth.

But it is completely optional to resort to bulk or self -leveling mixtures. It is enough to control that the floor is even without large excavations, bugrs and differences. The wooden floor needs to be sanded, concrete is covered with a small screed and so on.

Another important point is the cleanliness of the floor. It must be pre -packed and washed with warm water. Otherwise, the grains of sand that can get into the castle between the laminate boards will make an unpleasant creak when walking.

SAME and waterproofing under the laminate

Laminate manufacturers recommend that the waterproofing layer be arranged, which can significantly increase the service life of this floor covering. Ideally, the usual plastic film is used for waterproofing.

In addition, a special underlying layer is laid on the floor, which is purchased along with the laminate. It is made, as a rule, from foamed polyethylene.

Laminate laying process

Laminate laying begin perpendicular to the wall in which there is a window. In this case, in no case should it be laid back to the wall. The fact is that the laminate after laying can “disperse” a little, and since he will have nowhere to move, the boards will simply rise in some places. The gap between the wall and the laminate should be one or two centimeters.

The assembly of the laminate coating itself is extremely simple and is carried out according to the scheme. You just need to put one laminate board to another at a certain angle and snap the boards into the castle. In the same way, each subsequent board is inserted into its place. The only nuance that should not be forgotten – every second row must be laid with a displacement so that the boards go as if in a “checkerboard”.