How to lay a parquet board

Nowadays, a parquet is considered one of the popular materials for laying the floor, because it has a lot of advantages. In order to lay it correctly, first you need to prepare a base that should be very durable, horizontal and even, so that the parquet goes correctly. Such a basis can serve as a concrete or black floor installed on the lags. If there is a large degree of unevenness of this base, then it is necessary to make a screed, or use the aligning mixtures. The drying time directly depends on the thickness of the overlap and on what materials were used for this. Now they often began to purchase plafones for lamps so that without them the bulbs did not shine too brightly.

Depending on what type of parquet you have chosen, you need to choose a paint. In order to apply it, you need to use a gear spatula. Which will allow it to apply it evenly, while an excess of glue does not occur in the same place. A space of 10 mm should remain between the walls and the parquet. Next, you need to start laying parquet. For complete hardening after the end of work, about seven days should take.

After all this, you need to fix the result. First to primed everything, after making a varnish parquet. This will help keep the color of the tree for a long time, and also facilitate the care of this material.