How to lay a soft roof with your own hands?

The construction of any building ends with nothing else as a roof. To date, there are a huge number of roofing materials that can differ not only in their cost, but also in quality or characteristics. In this article, we will more carefully discuss the theme of the soft roof of a private house.

Carrying out the construction of a private house, or rather, its roof most people are inclined to a soft roof. This is due to the fact that such roofing material has a huge number of advantages. These positive qualities should be primarily attributed to the small weight of the coating, which allows you to reduce the load on the structure. In addition to all this, this material is sealed and has visual attractiveness. Also, the pluses of the soft roof include the possibility of its use on roofs of any shape. Another plus of this type of roofing material is a long service life, as well as the low cost of a soft roof.

Naturally, you can carry out the process of laying a soft roof with the involvement of specialists, but this may not cost you so cheap. It is for this reason that most people decide to make a roof on their own. To do this, you need little knowledge, material and tool. First, let’s talk about the tool. During the roof, you can not do without a hammer, knife, trowel, as well as mastic, sealant and planks.

Laying a soft roof.

During the soft roof of the roof, you first need to carry out preparatory work. After that, you can start laying the material.

– First, treat the entire wood with a solution of bitumen and diesel fuel.

– After that, you can start applying mastic. This process must be performed carefully and at the same time carefully.

– Now you must lay roofing material and pergamin. The process is better to perform, starting from the cornices, ending with the ends.

– After that, remove the film from the soft tile, which protects the glue and you can start laying it.

Building soft tiles, make sure that the instruction is present in the rolls. This will allow you to quickly lay the roof. During the roof, lay each new layer so that the previous one covers it. If there are surpluses on the edges, cut them and glue them with mastic. In the event that you follow the instructions and timely carry out repairs and departure of soft tiles, the roof will last you for many years.