How to lay out a mosaic with your own hands

The interior of the bathroom is decorated with a mosaic. Mosaic can lay out walls, ceiling and floor, using different combinations of colors and shapes, you can lay out paintings that decorate the interior of the room, create a unique sense of space. Ceramics from which the tiles are made, resistant to temperature difference, has water -repellent properties, and is not susceptible to moisture.

Manufacturers make small ceramic tiles that are glued to paper sheets or on a grid. Mosaic sheets based on the grid are glued to the surface, and on a paper basis you need to glue so that the paper is on top.

Surface preparation

Before gluing mosaics, all surfaces are prepared so that they are even, smooth and have no roughness. For a small tile, even the slightest unevenness matters. The surfaces begin to align with the fact that with sandpaper the walls, ceiling, floor, putting the cavities with tile glue are stuck.

They give time so that everything is dry and again skin with sandpaper. For better adhesion when gluing, it is necessary to use a special primer for deep penetration and give time to dry again. For gluing mosaics, production produces a special glue that has other properties and composition than glue for a conventional tile.

Mosaic laying

Before you glue the mosaic to the surface, you need to lay out the sheets on the floor, make measurements, which then transfer to the prepared surface. A rubber roller is used to lay sheets with mosaics, a gear spatula and a bucket for the preparation of glue. Glue should be diluted according to the instructions, let it brew and mix well. Apply a solution of glue to a gear spatula to a surface equal to a mosaic sheet and attach a sheet to a surface lubricated with glue.

Well align and press it to the surface with a rubber roller. The gap between the sheets is left the same as on the sheet between the tiles. It is very careful to lay out the first sheets, trying to glue it correctly the first time, all the work as a whole depends on it. When the surface is filled, you need to wait for about 40 minutes, while the glue grabs. After that, wet the paper with a sponge and, picking up its edge, carefully remove from the mosaic.

Two days are enough for the glue to dry. For grout, they use a rubber spatula, a metal spatula will damage the mosaic. Grout evenly fill all the seams, excess mixture, removing with diagonal movements. At the end of the grouting, after an hour, the surface is wiped with a damp sponge and polished to a shine with a soft rag. Now that the interior of the bathroom is decorated with a mosaic, you can get the joy that it can be done with your own hands.