How to lay the carpet

After you have finished the decoration of the room, we proceed to laying the carpet. Laying should be of high quality and professional, as this plays a large role in the durability and beauty of the carpet.

The biggest plus carpet is that it fits on almost any surface. Were it even concrete. And at the same time, preliminary preparation of the floor for the coating is not required.

Before work, you need to make sure that the base on which the carpet will be laid, even, clean and dry. It is very important that the carpet, before it is put, is about a day in this room. For styling, we need a stable temperature balance.

The glue temperature should not exceed and be at least +17 degrees Celsius, and the temperature in the room should be approximately +15 degrees. This is very important, since at low temperatures the carpet will not be able to meet evenly, and after you lay down, there will be a lot of irregularities and the glue will not stick the carpet to the floor.

One of the most optimal styling is a free laying of carpet.

We lay the carpet correctly

This styling is considered almost the most economical. When laying, the carpet is spread so that he finds a little on the walls, somewhere by 5 or 10 cm. After it is pierced from the middle to the edges of the roller, do it in all directions. Those surpluses that remained carefully cut. After that they press the carpet with skirting boards. Then the parish begins to be fixed with a metal rheck. The carpet must be fixed so that it does not slip. If you did not want to fix the carpet, then its service life is sharply reduced.

Free styling

As well as on an unsuccessful coating, it is unsafe to walk.

Free styling has some disadvantages. The main minus is a very low strength, as a result of which the wear resistance of the product decreases and the service life is reduced. Folds may appear on this surface. With this styling, it is also impossible to use furniture put on wheels, and in no case should you clean the carpet with a detergent vacuum cleaner.

But also this styling has its advantages. Most importantly – it does not require additional costs. For example, on adhesive tape or on a substrate. You can put the carpet on your own and without specialists, using this way. No need to prepare the floor and also spend your savings in vain.

Subject to all the rules and recommendations, you will receive a very beautiful floor covering that will like not only you, but also children. At the moment, this is the most common coating from many of its analogues and the highest quality.