How to preserve the freshness of steamers

Steam room – the main functional part of the bath. It is her comfort that gives the full impressions of the whole bath in general. That is why the steam room should always be kept clean. After all, cleanliness affects the fact that the natural aromas of wood, herbs and a bath broom will not be interrupted by the smell of mold and stale air.

To keep the steam room in cleanliness and order, it is necessary to adhere to several simple rules.

The fundamental rule, which needs to strictly follow, is that the walls and shelves of the steam room must periodically wash.

Ideally, wash the ceiling and walls every time after using the steam room as intended.

In order to rinse the walls well so that leaves from the bath brooms do not remain on them with boiling water. Before pouring shelves with hot water, they are first wiped with a scraper.

After the walls and shelves are washed, the floors are washed. It is best to use the hose to wash the floors in the steam room. Because the water under pressure easily washed dirt even from the smallest cracks. And so that the floor washing can be even more effective, you can use a broom.

The next step is to dry the room. For this, it is necessary to wipe all the surfaces through a dry rag. Then the steamer must be well ventilated. The main thing is that fresh air enters the room, for which windows and doors of the bath open.

So that the air in the steam room does not linger, it is necessary that the door to it always remains ajar. Because in the absence of air circulation, even in spacious rooms, it very quickly becomes stagnant and stale. And later it is very difficult to get rid of this smell.