How to protect a country house?

In the event that during the deflection of the building, cracks form, then they concentrate at the foundation of the country house, continuing to expand downward. These scratches go out, according to Orchardo experts. , To the windowsills of the first floor.

If the structure is bent, then the cracks will be formed on the cornice. The deflection does not carry such a great danger as a bend – after all, during the deflection of the structure, the overall connection is not lost, faults do not occur, and there is also no danger of breakdown of individual blocks.

If your country house is quite old, then over time, during operation, a bend is manifested – this is how, in fact, cracks are formed, opened by about 30 millimeters. All the disasters are not counted – the plaster falls off, window and door openings are shed, beams of ceilings come out of the nests.

Separate cracks (the result can be viewed by the link to decide on the list of necessary work. To strengthen in a cracked country house, only overloaded pieces are necessary – it is for them, in most cases, the swelling, delays of the masonry, which is accompanied by the occurrence of cracks in wedge -shaped partitions, is characteristic. In the case, if the masonry has a very poor dressing, then vertical cracks will certainly occur in the conjugation areas.

Another negative factor is frosty fusion, which occurs due to moisture, which falls into cracks and at a negative temperature begins to expand. In order to prevent such a development of events, it is necessary to periodically close cracks in the places of disclosure and development of their.

Note that damage to the supporting structure of the country house can be triggered by the occurrence of changes in temperature and humidity mode. The general design, at the same time, begins to lengthen or shorten. Additionally, the destruction of the materials from which your house is built (initiates this freezing and subsequent expansion of moisture, which came inside the structure).