How to remove lime from the walls

If you started repairs, and suddenly found that the walls in the room are covered with whitewashing, then no finishing work can be done until the whitewash is completely removed. This wall can only be covered with water -based paint. It is best to get rid of the old whitewash, and in this article we will talk about how best to do this. Whitewashing can hold with varying degrees of strength, but we will consider the standard approach to removing it from the walls. The wall first needs to be moistened to remove dust – we produce this action with a rag and a broom. Next, take a scraper or spatula and begin to remove the lime, which lends itself to this mechanical process. In order for the process to go faster, the spatula must be applied to the wall and move them at an acute angle.

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The lime, which remained after working with the scraper, can be removed using a metal brush, which should be carried out along the wall with rotational movements. Next, we just wash off the rest of the lime. The process can be simplified using a drill with a nozzle to remove lime from the walls.