How to remove old wallpaper

According to the rules, on the wallpaper, it should be indicated how the wallpaper is removed: “completely deleted”, “relax” or “delete wet”. But as always, the labels are not preserved, and we try to remove them with an arbitrary way.

There are several common options to remove, old wallpaper: 1) in a dry way; 2) in a wet way; 3) wet with steaming. Now we will look at each of them in stages.

Dry way. We take the spatula and push the canvas with it, then we carefully pull it and remove it from the wall. It happens that the wallpaper begins to be interrupted and small pieces of the canvas remain or the old glue remains on the wall. Remove the glue and the rest of the wallpaper in a wet way, moisten the wall and wipe everything with a damp cloth. Recently, a terrace board Kyiv has been using it always in repair.

Wet method. It can be used immediately, without testing the previous option. To do this, take a roller or brush and moisten the wallpaper. We wait 10-15 minutes so that the glue under the canvas dissolves, and begin to scrape the wallpaper. Just keep in mind that you need to do everything carefully so as not to damage the plaster. This method may not suit you if you have vinyl or any other waterproof wallpaper. In order to remove wallpaper in a wet method, it will be necessary to first remove the upper protective layer.

Wet method with steaming. In truth, not such a reliable way, but you can try. There are special machines for steaming wallpaper, but it is not advisable to purchase it for disposable use, so you can use improvised means. So, for example, you can take a wet rag and smooth it with an iron, or take an iron with steaming.