How to remove traces of grooves on the walls and ceilings

Many of us have encountered unpleasant consequences of rain, which is of little interest in the quality of our roofs and the fortress of the floors. Not only do you have to completely remove the wallpaper and paint the walls in all the colors of the rainbow so that they look decent, and also remove traces of leaks. And this is not so easy and fast.

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The leaks are bad in that they are very persistent, because this is not dust, not ordinary dirt. This is dirty water flowing from the roof right to your house and soaked the walls through. To completely clean the walls of this muck, you will have to dry them properly. For this purpose, you can put a heater near the wall, and the ceiling will be periodically dried with a powerful hairdryer. About 20-30 minutes every 4 – 5 hours.

When the walls and ceiling dry to a sane state, you can primer them with a special antifungal primer. Then you need to let her dry for a couple of days. But this will not hide traces.

It will help, oddly enough, ordinary lime. Buy Gashenic lime and cover up the boards twice. Then, somewhere, after two or three days, clean the excess layer lime and cover in two layers with water-based paint. You will be surprised, but after that small traces will still remain.

Now the turn of putty. Turn all the walls and ceiling (right on top of the paint) and let their putty dry. In the meantime, she dries. You can engage in the replacement of the roof and laying the waterproof film on it, otherwise all your efforts will nullify the first rainfall.