How to rent a country house to celebrate the New Year

If a trip abroad on New Year’s holidays was covered with a copper basin, and in a tight apartment to celebrate the New Year is not joyful, then you can rent a house in the suburbs for several days.

It is better to shoot in advance, but after December 25, the desperate to hand over their homes can significantly reduce the price. So you’re not late yet. Although the house may not be very good.

To reduce rental costs, you can remove friends with your family. The more people, the more fun.

You can find a house for rent for a week via the Internet. But you need to be extremely careful – the network is full of scammers. Check all the documents for the house and owners.

Relter agencies rarely select such options, but you can try to contact them. Although it will come out much more.

Be sure to draw up a written agreement with an inventory of the entire property. Then it will be easier to prove the absence of damage or minimize it.

Real estate owner may require a deposit in case of damage to property. In addition to payment for rental housing. After you moved out and handed over the house to the owner, the deposit returns. The deposit may be equal to the lease or be more.

The cost of renting a house for the New Year in the suburbs is estimated at 25-300 thousand rubles per day.

Therefore, before starting to search the house for rent, evaluate all the risks and financial capabilities. Taking into account the rent, deposit and the need to buy champagne. And only after that, pick up the house for yourself.