How to solder pipe made of copper

Ration of pipe from copper – the work is simple, but quite laborious. Do not be afraid – everything is likely to do it yourself! Stock up very simply and, accordingly, start work. For the production of such pipes, a special line is used for the production of pipes.

Tools, materials:

Cleaning powder, degreasing

Evangular paper (skin)

A brush with a metal small pile


Gasoline soldering lamp or gas burner



Multilative pliers

Ordinary divorce key

Solder coil

A rag


Check, mating pipelines are suitable for each other

Clean the internal surface of the pipelines in the places of their connections with the help of a cleaning powder and, in addition, degreasing the means, then clean the skin (sandpaper). Subsequently, clean up and, in addition, with a hard brush

End of pipelines, 2 centimeters wide, lubricate with flux

Connect pipelines. After that, scroll them in different directions so that the flux is monotonously distributed on the surface of the pipelines

Shame 15-20 centimeters of the solder

Bend 5 centimeters of the solder at an angle of 90 degrees

Light a gas burner and, in addition, adjust the flame 2-4 centimeters

Heat the middle of the seam and the middle of the seam on the opposite side of the seam within 4-5 seconds until the flux begins to hiss. It should be remembered that the basic heating will have to be on the very edge of the inner tongue of the burner flame

Save the spi throughout the circle pipelines

Apply a solder to two edges of the rally, and also melt it from contacting with a fairly hot metal pipelines at once on the suture line until the solder begins to turn into droplets

In the same case, if you did not get a smooth track from solder, repeat the melting procedure

Leave to cool the spi for approximately 2 seconds. Until the spike starts to shine, never move pipelines!

Wash the spike from the remnants of the solder, flux

Turn on water, check for sealing. If necessary, check the soldering procedure

The work is completed!