How to start renovation.

After you have already decided on the location of the rooms, the style of the interior, the position of household appliances, you can start repairs. In order to make repairs, certain indicators are needed, such as the area of ​​surfaces, the location of the wiring, etc. P. It is necessary to calculate the number of finishing materials, the size of the redevelopment work, and t. P. Repair is impossible without a plan. This is a headache of specialists. The owners will also have to take an active part in this stage of the European Republic. They will have a difficult task -the selection of choice. The thoughts with which you started repairs will be criticized during the choice of building materials, furniture and other little things. It’s a pity, but real repairs are impossible without a compromise between the best and the best. 21stroyka159. jpg designer will make you several types of computer images for all rooms, and it will be possible to understand how the repair will end, even before it starts. The specialist will present you a sketch of the room, a sketch after the repair, a sketch of furniture, color, and electrical wiring, and t. P. The owners will only need to approve the plan.