How to strengthen the floors?

In private houses, sometimes there is a need to change the overlap. Crossings from wooden beams serve an average of 50-60 years, so the owners of the house may think about their replacement with reinforced concrete. But there is another way – strengthening the ceilings. But for this you need to know their features.

All ceilings are divided into 4 types:

• Wooden

• reinforced concrete

• Ribbed

• Clay floors.

Most often, the strengthening of the ceilings should begin with the construction of supporting racks.

Wooden floors need to be replaced or strengthened due to partial and complete destruction. If you plan more cardinal changes, then you can replace the beams or increase their number to redistribute the load. And to strengthen this design, it is necessary to arrive additional boards or bars to the beams. To do this, you first need to treat the bars with an antiseptic solution, then paste the beams with roofing material and build a special lining. These pads are fixed in places of damage to the ceilings.

Reinforced concrete floors need to be strengthened if engineering errors were made during their installations, corrosion processes occurred during operation or it is planned to increase the load on the overlap. The strengthening of such beams can be carried out by means of overlays, which are welded to the overlap, promotion or by setting the sprenigs. There is no standard approach in such a case, it is necessary that the specialist finds an individual solution for your premises. To prevent the appearance of corrosive processes, it is necessary to apply anti -corrosive means to metal elements.

Strengthening ribbed floors is similar in technology for similar processes with reinforced concrete floors. They can also be promoted or added additional ribs, which need to be placed in parallel with already installed.

Clein’s overlaps were previously very popular, although now they are already losing their relevance. But, despite this, such ceilings are installed in a large number of rooms. Steel beams and ceramic brick slabs are used to install Klein’s ceiling. You can strengthen the floors of this type by welding to the beams of profiles or additional prostitutes. You can strengthen the plate by creating an additional concrete slab.