How to survive an earthquake as a tourist?

Going on a journey, natural disasters are the last thing they think about. Carelessness can cost you life. If you go to a seismic location, it is important to behave correctly with an earthquake.

1. Before leaving

Having decided to go to a restless country, be sure to get up for consular records.

2. After arrival

Make yourself an “anxious notebook”: bring the numbers of the phones of local emergency services and the Russian consulate there, in English, indicate the phones of your close relatives or friends and specify what you can call if something happens to you. Go to any place only with this notebook. Be sure to always keep with you a copy of the passport and medical insurance policy.

3. At the hotel

After entering the hotel room, determine the safe places where you can hide with an earthquake. Study the room with concentration: you can climb under a heavy reliable desk, especially if it is not near the window, but at the inner capital wall. Another less dangerous space is a bathroom or toilet, because small rooms are not destroyed immediately, but by the last. The doorway is not a good shelter. Heavy furniture: cabinets, wardrobes, console racks – can fall and kill a person, you have to stay away from it.