How to work with ceramic tiles

Ceramic tiles are cut with glass cutter. To begin with, a line is marked with a line and applied it with a soft pencil (even better than a glassographer) on the main glossy surface. In this case, the line must be clearly parallel to the sides of the tile, otherwise a sloppy seam can organize when laying it. After that, the porcelain is laid out on a strong base, and under the line with glass cutter, a cut of the glazed layer is created. In the process of cutting, glass cutter must be pressed with the same effort, it is not recommended to conduct a glass cutter more than once on the same line. After all the tiles listed, the stool seam is broken down, the labels of wood rakes, first tapping along the length of the cut line from the inside of the tile with a hammer handle. Narrow particles are broken off with forceps. Small size round holes in the porcelain, which appear when facing pipes, are in the same way bite with ticks or forceps with modest pieces. If suddenly the pipe is in the middle of the tile, then it needs to be cut in half and bite of oval holes in two halves. Then half put in this way so that the joint is invisible.