I will decorate my house myself.

There is no time for global projects, but I want

individuality? We offer you a few ideas

by changing the purchased things.

1. Necklace for a bottle. Old glass bottle

From under the milk you can give a peculiar

charm and give a second life if a little

stylize and use as a vase. Twist

a small necklace around the neck.

Experiment with flowers, forms,

the number of beads. The lower level of beads is better

wrap with wire to fix.

The rest of the beads will play, free

Moving. As an option, the first row of beads can

Stroke on the wire. In such a vase, especially

Single flowers will look advantageous – one

rose, gerbera, cloves.

2. No boring pillows. Plain pillows

It can be diversified. One of the options –

embroidery. Any type of embroidery is suitable – cross,

Chest, Hardanger and T. D. Select drawing and threads,

Mark where you put the embroidery on the pillow.

And then the work of technology. In addition, you can decorate with the help of paints for fabric. Transfer the inscription, monogram or drawing to the pillow. Monogram can also be decorated with napkins.

3.Curtains on their own project. Give the interior of the rooms brightness and originality will help sewing curtains to order according to your own sketches. Give free rein to your fantasy and your house will turn into a fairy -tale palace about which you dreamed about in childhood.

4. Diamond king and tray. Do not throw the deck

cards, if there is not enough lady or six. To you

These remains will come in handy. Lay the cards on

rectangular tray. Some can be put down down

shirt, others up. It looks very interesting

combination of shirts from different decks. If

necessary, cut the cards. On the back side

glue them with tape so that it is not visible on

The front side. Launch everything. Glue


5. Clothing for cabinets. Old furniture is quite possible

Update with wallpaper. First, paint in

suitable color, and then glue the wallpaper or

gluing paper, cover with varnish. In addition, for

this is suitable: wrap paper for gifts,

Old magazines, postcards, even newspapers. Not just

Forget then apply a layer of varnish to provide

The safety of the paper layer.

6. Candle Transfiguration. Monophonic candles can be beaten stylishly. For a party, place them in glass transparent containers filled with brilliant confetti. On cylindrical candles you can put on elastic beads bracelets. Later they can be presented to the party participants. Just don’t forget to remove the bracelets before you light the candles. In addition, candles can be decorated with decoupage technique, glued with coffee beams, large beads, glasses, placed in another layer of colored wax. Options are limited only by your imagination.

7. The lamp for the lamp cannot be too simple. Monophonic lampshades can also degenerate. Start along the edge with a braid, cord, tape. Decorate with sequins, embroidery, voluminous colors from tapes, paints. But you can attach rivets to the fabric. Choose what you like more and suits the general style of an apartment or at home.

8. Magnets in a new way. Magnets are now extremely popular. Make your own option, unlike everyone else. Glue pieces of the magnet on the back of plastic or metal covers from beer, juices, water.