Ideas of landscape design

The ideas of landscape design on the Internet can be found very different, but not many are distinguished by originality. The ideas of the West are usually copied, and they rarely look to the east.

However, many Chinese plants may well grow in the Moscow region, so the landscape design of the East can be a very profitable and beautiful idea.

An ordinary pine can be turned into a bonsai, or to plant any of the varieties of a mountain pine. Fan Maple can be replaced with Manchu or false -winter – an inexperienced look will not notice the difference. And so beloved by the Japanese Sakura or Pnus feels great in Russia. You can plant a three -lobed almond here, or Apricots Manchu or Siberian, which bloom very beautifully in the spring.

You can even plant a bamboo – Saza Kurilskaya, Brilliant Fargesia and shiny synarundinaria feel great in our latitudes.

Landscaping in the style of the East is not only plants, especially since the Chinese garden needs to be built on a large territory, although Japanese can also be marked on a small plot of land.

Studying the gardens of different countries, it can be noted that only in the gardens of China and Japan nature is included in the garden on full rights, it is used here not only as a decoration, but as a full -fledged resident of this territory.

Stone and water – strength and softness, this is a distinctive feature of Chinese gardens. A lot of stone, a lot of water – special lakes and dams in which the blue sky is reflected.

Small buildings are hidden behind bamboo and vines, or come close to the water, allowing you to relax in the shade in the hottest hours.

The sculpture makes the garden not only more beautiful, but also more protected. The dragon in the east protects life and water, as well as man and house.

The plant world of the East is diverse-each plant carries some kind of symbolic meaning. For example, pine symbolizes longevity, as well as the struggle for survival. Magnolia – prosperity, and bamboo – nobility and resistance. Favorite flowers of China – rhododendrons, primrose and bitterness. Peonies are a symbol of aristocracy and prosperity, so they also grow in almost every garden.

Bonsai-mini-landscapes can be found in every garden of the East. They help to distract from worldly fuss.

The use of oriental architecture, sculptures and paths will create a unique interior of the East, which is so rare in our places.