If you are going to cut tiles

The tile is cut with glass cutter. First, the line is marked with a line and applied it with a soft pencil (perfectly with a glassographer) on the front glazed surface. In this process, the line must be clearly parallel to the edges of the tiles, otherwise, when the styling is carried out, a scythe can form. And then the tiles are laid on an even and strong base, and under the line with glass cutter they create an incision of the facial layer. In the process of cutting, glass cutter must be pressed with equal effort, it is not recommended to carry out a glass cutter several times along one line. After that, the tile is broken against the edge of the countertop, a rib of a wooden rail, before that tapping along the length of the cut line on the back of the tile with a glass cutter handle. Narrow stripes are broken with nippers. Small round and oval cuts in ceramic stories that appear when lining near pipes are also bitten by ticks or forceps in small parts. When the pipe is in the middle of the tile, then the tile should be cut in half and tuck round holes in two halves. After that, the particles are installed in such a way so that the joint is invisible.