Individual construction

Recently, people are increasingly thinking about individual construction. Thousands of city residents in the summer tend to spend the entire vacation and weekends in their own summer cottages, studying and putting their experience in the construction in practice.

Individual construction of your own housing on its own is an indisputable plus. And can provide a family with full housing with all communications, not inferior to a city apartment.

Its electrification, high -quality sound insulation of the house, the presence of heating, providing water and amenities should be entered into the parameters of modern housing. It should also be dry and filled with light.

Do not forget that having built your own house and providing it with all the benefits of mankind, you do not live in a city apartment, but are part of nature. To ensure this connection, next to the house you can start a personal plot and grow fruits with vegetables. Also, your personal plot can become a playground, where your children can frolic away from urban noise.

Having decided to engage in individual construction, you should not look for too large a site, also know that you may need car cranes. First of all, we must remember that the main part of the site will serve you as a garden plot and a place for leisure for children. In any case, the size of the site is dictated by the individual needs of each person separately for organizing with the family of pastime in the fresh air.