Individual entrepreneurial activity or individual entrepreneur in Poland

IP registration in Poland is an actual issue for foreign citizens who arrived in this country with the prospect of permanent residence. Those who want not only to live in Poland, but also engage in active commercial activities to provide themselves and their family, think about how much money can be earned here.

Someone “transports” his business or company from his own country to Poland, continuing to work and enter the European market. Someone creates his company in Poland “from scratch” or buys a ready-made, existing company. And, too, as an option, it can be inexpensively buying real estate in Poland and bringing yourself a profit even in this way. And someone just opens an individual entrepreneur in Poland and works for himself.

Features of individual entrepreneurship in Poland

Conducting commercial activities in Poland for foreign citizens is based on their division into the following categories. The first has the right to engage in entrepreneurship without certain restrictions, on the same rights as the Poles. And the second category can engage in business under the conditions prescribed in the legislation.

IP registration is available for foreigners of the first category, this is a way of doing business without restrictions. Thus, foreign citizens who are included in the list provided for by Polish legislation can receive the status of IP.

The Law on Freedom of Economic Activities (ST. 13, p. 2) indicates on what grounds a foreign citizen can become an individual entrepreneur:

the presence of a Pole card;

the presence of permanent residence;

the presence of the status of the EU resident;

the presence of a residence permit for the duration of study in the Polish higher educational institution or reunion with the family;

the presence of refugee status;

the presence of temporary protection in Poland.

The remaining foreigners who do not fall under the above conditions do not have the right to open an individual entrepreneur in Poland. The same law allows them to conduct commercial activities only in some forms. Among them are the creation of a limited liability company and a joint -stock company – the most common forms of business among foreigners.

If you are in the desired category

If you have one of the grounds indicated above and giving the right to register an individual entrepreneur, begin to collect the necessary documents and prepare for the registration procedure. The process of opening an individual entrepreneur is not easy, requiring attention to details, responsibility, excellent knowledge of the legislation of the country and language.

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