Infantile man!

The dream of every woman is that there was a reliable and strong man next to her, who would be able to protect her from all kinds of hardships. A man should be reliable and strong to always be near in difficult times. However, some women will have to be disappointed, since their chosen ones themselves expect that they will be hired with them like a child. Such a man is waiting for the woman he solves all the problems for him.

Unfortunately, this situation can be very often. Women increasingly began to complain that today it is difficult to find a real strong man who would take the whole initiative. Thus, it is not possible to create a happy family. After all, being happy next to such a man is not possible. The famous actress Mila Yavovich spoke about progressive male infantilism. She noted that she always wanted to have such a man with whom she would feel like a little girl, but once she realized that the men themselves are little girls. Infantile man is always waiting for specific solutions and steps from a woman. However, if we accuse men of infantility, this does not mean that they are all so and it is necessary to cut everyone under one comb. Unfortunately, today many men cannot provide their family, and wives do not have to take the whole family cargo themselves.

The main signs of infantility are that a man begins to constantly listen to mom or dad. This leads to the fact that a man begins to experience child fear and leads to infantility. Many of the men reach the same state that they do not risk starting relationships with a woman until she was introduced to her mother. If mom does not like the chosen son, then he will not maintain a relationship. This problem must be solved using a psychologist.