Infrared heaters and their properties.

Infrared heaters and their properties. Just a master

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Infrared heaters.

Infrared heaters in the domestic market appeared for a long time. But consumers are not in great demand for. Most often they are used in offices, in storage rooms and in stores. Now infrared heaters have become more used in country houses and cottages. These devices also become popular among owners of private houses and small industrial premises.

But in order to understand what is still the infrared heater is good, and what advantages it has over heaters of other types, you need to understand its device a little and the principle of operation. The fact is that the infrared heater uses the same heating principle as the sun. But the heater does not radiate ultraviolet rays, but has only an ultra -red light range. Infrared rays do not heat the air through which. The surfaces to which the heater is directed, heat up and transmit their heat to the air.

Experts advise when choosing an infrared heater for their premises to calculate the necessary power in this way: there are 1 kW of the device’s capacity for 10 m of the heated room with the condition that the infrared heater is used as the only heat source. But it is also worth considering that these indicators are minimal. It is better to buy an infrared heater with greater power, since it is necessary to provide heat loss due to windows, walls, doors. Depending on the energy of the energy device, infrared heaters are gas and electric.

Electric infrared heaters are designed for use in small and closed rooms with their help usually make an infrared floor and an infrared ceiling. And similar gas heaters have high power (from 1.5 kW), and are designed for use at industrial facilities or in private large rooms. The main advantage of infrared heaters is their complete independence from the supply of power supply in the network. They work from gas cylinders of different containers. And the disadvantage of gas infrared heaters is the need for resolution for their installation and participation in their installation of qualified specialists.

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