Infrared warm floors

Infrared floors, these are essentially special heating floor systems that are based on the possibility of using the capabilities and properties of heating with an infrared segment of light. These systems are truly useful to use a natural source of energy and heat as a heating element, namely the infrared spectrum of the beam. Film, special floor systems are intended specifically to heat the floor. Therefore, they are mounted under the floor, special and chosen by the client and the customer. For example, Kavrolin can be this, although this is usually used on stone floors, which ultimately leads to a completely amazing effect. The floor is stone, it looks cold, and warm to the touch. Although laminate, parquet boards, linoleum and much other floor coverings can also be used here. It is so convenient that already over the past years, it was precisely such a system that has proved its superiority as well as the reliability of heating and the advantage in all basic characteristics over the methods that have been used to heat the floor over the past thirty years of systems, special cable heating or water heating floors. Today in the market the most famous infrared floor company is EXA EX&C.; During the construction of a country house, except for materials for decoration and construction, you may need a thermos greenhouse to grow everything that your soul will like there. Such a greenhouse is an optimal solution for any sections. After installing a thermos greenhouse from polycarbonate, you can grow vegetables and generally various crops over a round year. You can easily get ready -made greenhouses in specialized companies.

This was generally possible thanks to the use of nano technologies. The film is based on pipe carbon nano, which are able to generate infrared rays. It is in these rays that is the secret of the body of granite or ceramic sex. Such rays have the ability to warm the opaque surfaces with their penetrating warmth. At the same time, with regard to cable heating systems or water systems, they initially lose to infrared systems, due to the fact that they should not spend additional energy for warming up and converting. At the same time, such infrared systems from a regular network are recorded – 220 volts. Consumption of such floors per day 30-70 watts per square meter square. This indicator depends mainly on indicators of thermal conductivity of flooring and thermal insulation of the room. The thickness of the infrared film, it is worth noting, is only 0.5 millimeters, so this system will not particularly affect the dimension of your rooms. The main advantage of such floors is the speed of surface heating to a temperature of 50 degrees Celsius (this is the maximum) in just a few minutes, and this is an incomparable advantage.