Insecticides for a personal plot

To get a crop, you need to care for the garden not only with the help of a trap and a watering can. It is necessary to destroy insects that do not allow this harvest to appear.

Insecticides are chemical and natural substances that kill insects, their larvae and eggs. They are sold in large quantities in horticultural stores. However, periodically one or the other is prohibited due to harmfulness ..

So how to choose the drug that really helps the crop?

Frequently used chemical insecticides can be divided into 2 types (in general there are 11 of them, but if everything is described, you will get a scientific dissertation and you will not read it):

– phosphoroorganic;

– Synthetic pyreroids.

Their main difference is that synthetic pyreroids are safer for humans and more harmful to insects.

That is, in order not to make a mistake in choosing the drug, we take a magnifying glass and look in the following letter combinations: cypermetrin or deltametrin (decamametrin).

In order for the dead insects from once again, it is necessary to read another item in the instructions for the drug. So, insecticides are:

– systemic;

– Contact.

Systemic systems are more effective, as they penetrate the plant itself and kill, regardless of precipitation dropped. Usually acts for 10-15 days, so it is worth spraying during the period of active reproduction of insects.

Contacts act only when directed on the insect, that is, if they did not bury everywhere, then not everyone was killed. The drug is washed off and ceases to act.

Unfortunately, this information may not be on the package, so ask for detailed instructions or look for a description on the Internet.

Another point in the instructions: on which insects the drug has. There are wide drugs that kill all insects. But there is only one specific.

Of course, the frequent use of chemicals in the garden is harmful, including for the one who spray. Therefore, in addition to chemistry, it is necessary to engage in pruning trees, digging the earth, burning leaves. And spray only in calm, smelly weather, so that you do not have to come out again.

You can choose the drug by link: insecticides.