Instrument for installing stretch ceilings

What is the tool for the installation of stretch ceilings? Currently, to get one or a unit of special equipment is not a problem. When working with this type of materials, many devices are used. Below will be the standard tools that should be available in the arsenal of any work executor.

What is required

Firstly, the performer needs a hand-hole. It is used to break the holes in the frame (baugh). By the way, it is for this procedure that it is calculated, since it is “sharpened” exclusively under its (frame) size. It is unusually convenient to use the hole punch in the work, because you do not have to look for boards to lay under the baguette. In addition, at the end of the holes (strictly 5.7 mm in diameter), aluminum chips are not formed, on the cleaning of which a precious time is spent.

Secondly, work with the walls and the space of the ceiling requires the presence of a professional perforator. For example, Makita brands. The work of this device can be carried out within the framework of three modes: shock drilling, detected and just drilling. Why are the performers used this particular model? Because she:

equipped with the latest reversal structure;

characterized by the lack of impacts at idle;

allows you to easily and simply change the speed of rotation;

It is equipped with built -in backlight.

Thirdly, a laser level will be very in demand and a laser rangefinder. The level is necessary in the process of creating (more precisely – projection) of ultra -precise lines. Moreover, even if the experience of working with him is not enough, this will not be reflected in the quality of lines. All because the device will independently determine the existing bumps. True, if the surface has a slope of about 40 mm, then the device will not even think of projecting anything. Therefore, when working with complex surfaces, this function is often simply turned off.

Now a few words about the rangefinder. In general, this device was created just for use during installation work. Thanks to its functionality, the contractor was able to perfectly measure the area and volume of premises. A special element of the design of the device (hinged -type heel) allows measurements from the corners of the room, as well as from internal cracks. Display illumination allows all these operations even in pitch darkness. Actually, the last function may be used if electricity was disconnected in the house due to the accident.

In addition to these devices and devices, the Contractor will also need a battery drill (well, if it is already mentioned Makita), mounting blades, metal detector, as well as a heat gun. Regarding the last position, I would like to clarify one important detail. If the area of ​​the room in which it is planned to install the finishing film exceeds forty “squares”, then one gun is not enough. For such volumes, at least two units are needed.