Interesting about the profession “midwife”

Today, the profession of midwife is enough to get enough. You can become a qualified midwife by graduating from a university, medical school No. 2 or college. And also there are options for the so -called two -level education – a medical school and further university in the specialty.

It should be noted that the professions of this already 300 years. In the territory of modern Russia, until the middle of the 18th century, midwives successfully coped with this role. All aspects of obstetric activity, secrets and skill, of course, were transmitted by generations, and only by inheritance. However, the knowledge and secrets of those times often differed from the modern medical education. Among other things, the following points were transmitted: when to go to the bathhouse and when her braids are scolded, conspiracies of heavy, complex births, than and on what the umbilical cord (if on the ax, then the next child will be a boy, and if on her spinning wheels, respectively a girl), etc. P.

In Russia, “Povitukha with the appropriate education” first appeared only in the 18th century. Well, and the first teacher (professor) was Johann Friedrich Erasmus – a doctor from Pernov (modern Pyarn).

The first midwives studied the theoretical course and practically formed at the anatomical theater at the Moscow Military Hospital. And already in 1801, a midwife institute appeared, renamed from the Moscow obstetric school, and in 1806 such an institution was created at Moscow University.