Interesting about thermal insulation of pipes

Consider what products there are for thermal insulation of pipes.

Cylinders are insulation products with a longitudinal cut, facilitating installation. The standard cylinder, often used for thermal insulation of pipes, is equal in length of one meter. Such thermal insulation is fixed with clamps (tape). Begining and bounces are insulated with special segments, for each style element – a separate clamp. Outside – a plastic winding is added to protection.

Shells (semi -cylinders) – are an analogue of cylinders with a lock mount. When the pipes are one next to the other, then their combined thermal insulation can be used. Installation of the shell can be performed at any time of the year. Products are made foil, they are not covered, but there are fiberglass linings. Thermal insulation of pipes using mineral wool shell usually operates for about 15-50 years. Special clamps exclude the sliding of the material, prevent the formation of “cold bridges”.

Since the release of cylinders or a shell for large pipes is unprofitable, the thermal insulation of pipes with basalt or mineral wool is used, the products look like firmware mats. Mats can be equipped with linings, or without them, mats can be even, corrugated.