Interior and foam concrete

The interior can be called a meeting place where there are the possibilities of finishing materials and fantasies of the architect. What are the possibilities of the materials? Take foam concrete for example. Then that a huge number of use options in the interior with him. Floors, stairs, walls – for foam concrete there is a place everywhere. It is a very promising building material, this is due to the fact that housing, which was built from foam concrete, durable and comfortable.

If the building is built of foam concrete, it has less load on the foundation, about 27 percent, very good sound insulation and the best surface for decor. This not only reduces its cost, but also greatly reduces the construction time. It will not be superfluous to buy porcelain stoneware and use it for decoration of the house.

Heat in winter, the house built of foam concrete will save 5 times better than brick. The costs of air conditioning and heating are also lower in the house from foam concrete. The walls do not require additional plaster, it is enough to just wipe them.

Foam concrete, obtained using a non -sparrous and non -ceremic technology, has several significant advantages, in comparison with other thermal insulation materials:

1) complete chemical neutrality (unleashed rot)

2) low thermal conductivity

3) low density (small weight loads for ceilings)

4) low water absorption (porous structure closed)

5) frost resistance

6) good breathability

Foam concrete is a universal material, it can easily be given any shape and it is easy to process.

Foam concrete in the interior

Also far from an important factor is its ability to maintain a microclimate. In the winter season, it prevents the loss of heat, and in the summer protects against the heat.

Foam concrete is not afraid of dampness, this material can regulate the humidity in the room, due to the fact that it absorbs excess moisture, or vice versa, if the air is dry, this material gives moisture, which has been absorbed earlier. Thus, a very favorable microclimate is supported. This microclimate can be compared with the microclimate of a wooden house. Another plus of foam concrete is the styling speed. It has a slight density, and therefore a small weight. In addition, foam concrete blocks on dimensions are more brick. In the amount of this, a very high degree of masonry is obtained. Well, and last a few words about the environmental friendliness of this material, it can only be inferior to a natural tree.