Interior by color type.

Color solutions of interiors.

There are a lot of information about what design styles exist, but few people know about the characteristics of directions for color solution.

Dynamic interior

Orange with pink interior design will simply “hiss”, the color of lime can be a good addition, you can cool with a cream and blue tint. And ancient fabrics, metal and plastic will make the room more dynamic. Cosmic twists can be a good addition, for which it is necessary to push the furniture from the walls, use sliding systems and screens of a mobile type. It will help to emphasize the “explosive” nature of the interior objects of the 50s of the 20th century and the narrowly-fired light source.

Natural interior

With the help of amber, ivory, wheat shades, watery blue and heavenly violet colors, you can create a cozy natural interior. Thanks to natural materials, wicker furniture from reed or bamboo, the use of flax fabrics can be turned into a cozy shelter, without unnecessary bustle. For doors and windows, you need to use wood structures.

Tropical interior

You can create a tropical interior with the help of life -giving tangerine and

rejuvenating yellow-green shades, a cool combination of lilac with lime. You can decorate your home with objects of art from tropical countries in the form of globes and ancient cards. The interior of the room is emphasized by rice paper screens, wooden partitions and colorful vases.

Calm interior

Looking at the endless palette of natural green colors, you can choose between bright young foliage and gloomy gray-green tones of the forest thicket. With the help of white and cream, brown and gray, you can soften the green color. To design the interior, you need to use cotton fabrics and engravings with species of plants and animals. For a calm interior, a great solution is brick walls or gross plaster.