Interior. High-tech style.

High-tech style is currently one of the most fashionable styles in the interior design and if you want your house to look like a spaceship or apartment, like from the future, then feel free to choose this style-the high-tech style!

First, consider the design of the windows. Use windows for curtains – blinds! They can be both vertical and horizontal. If the room looks like an office, and it annoys you, close the windows with plain and not very bright curtains.

During wall decoration, do not use wallpaper, they can simply be painted. Stop your choice on light paint – it can be light – gray, beige and white colors. High-tech walls do not decorate, and yet, if desired, you can decorate them with paintings with an abstract image, as well as fashionable copyright photographs that will be in the metal framework.

Pay your attention in high-tech style and lighting. It should not be classic Italian chandeliers and crystal sconces. When designing an apartment, equip it with a large number of built -in lamps, harmoniously combining with a cascade of suspended halogen lamps, which are suspended at various levels.

If possible, apply string lamps, as well as tension lighting systems. They will help you create a space in which some interior items will attract more attention, thereby hiding other, less winning.

Buy for lighting a sophite room that can be of different configurations. They are suitable for the living room, where they will hang over the sofa or, say, over the chair, and if you hung them in the kitchen, then let them hang over the dining table.

As for the furniture, the best option for the interior of this style will be upholstered furniture, always with plain upholstery. All objects in the high-tech style should be calm tones and only one of these interior items should stand out in bright color, be it a chair or sofa.

Furniture should differ from the classical. If these are coffee tables, then always on wheels, chairs – on metal legs and with a metal back, in shelves – glass shelves, and tables should have round glass countertops. The cabinet can be transparent, and the sofa is sliding, consisting of modules. Do not be afraid to experiment in this style.

Put a large aquarium in the room, lay the skin of a bear, and even better the skin of the tiger. It will be good to look good with a leopard pattern or a plaid with the same pattern. If the apartment has a computer, then it should not be classically gray, but from color plastic.

Choose in the interior of your apartment High-Tex style!

Good luck!