Interior in the year of the snake

Fashion has an impact on various industries, interior design including. Designers recommend in 2013 to use complex shades of green and blue in combination with lilac, eggplant, yellow tones. Fashionable also tangerine, creamy and caramel-pink colors. Five constant colors will be no less in demand: gray, brown white, beige and black.

The year of the snake will favorably relate to people who have chosen wallpaper with a floral print and graphic images of several contrasting colors. Many developers offer to use a tree in the decoration of residential premises. This textured, warm material can be used in furniture and in the role of flooring. High -quality repair of an apartment or house should be made by professionals. Stroypanorama company has been working in the market since 1995. We know our job.

A new trend is distributed around the world – knitted decor and furniture. Great acquisition will be knitted furniture and knitted chandeliers. Speaking of light sources, it is worth emphasizing that in the coming year there will be hidden light sources in the trend. Exceptions are only lamps of unusual shapes that serve as decorative elements of the interior. Want to see new ideas for the interior of your home? Take a look at our portfolio! We are happy to realize all your dreams!

Saturated patterns will be a real squeak, which will be replete with a large number of colors. These patterns are recommended not to decorate the entire house, but only some areas, for example, in the kitchen it can be a working wall.