Inversion roof

Inversion roofing is one of the varieties of the roof, which has one difference – in such a roof, the thermal insulation layer is located above the waterproofing layer (in ordinary roofs, on the contrary).

This difference makes the inversion roof structurally more profitable, since the waterproofing layer receives ultraviolet protection (which has a very negative effect on this material), as well as from the pernicious effect of temperature changes and mechanical damage. All these properties that the inversion roof possesses significantly prolongs her life and contributes to the level of its sales, almost the same as bitumen tiles. But the most interesting advantage of this type of roof is to make it functional, that is, the possibility of using it as a personal “beach”, terrace, etc. D.

It is worth saying that even a person who has never encountered such a process at home. Before the installation of this type of roof, it is necessary to lay a waterproofing carpet on a reinforced concrete plate (or other base), which, as a rule, consists of three layers. A heater and special filter material are laid on top of this carpet. Next, the roof is covered with gravel. If you want to make your roof also functional, then instead of gravel it is necessary to lay paving slabs on the roof.

All these layers of the “cake” of the roof are necessary so that the water that enters the roof has passed a layer of gravel, the filtering layer and falling on the waterproofing layer of waterproofing on a special device for water removal.

In addition, this type of roof can also be additionally insulated, but only using non -gigroscopic materials (for example, extruded foam). These materials are used because they can easily maintain their thermal insulation qualities even in a humid environment.