Inverter air conditioner

Inverter -type air conditioners appeared relatively recently, but they have already firmly entrenched in the climatic market, and every day their popularity is only growing. Consider how the inverter air conditioner differs from the usual.

The power of the usual air conditioner is constant. When the specified temperature is reached, it turns off, and when the temperature begins to rise, it turns on again. Inverter air conditioning, on the contrary, smoothly regulates power. That is, when the optimal microclimate is installed in the room, it continues to work, but in economical mode. Let us give an example, if the cooling power of the classic air conditioner is 2.0 kW, then in a similar inverter air conditioner it changes in the range from 0.5 to 3.0 kW, which corresponds to the rated power of 2.0 kW. You will need to maintain air conditioners in Moscow.

This principle of operation by a third reduces the consumption of electricity, reduces the noise level, increases the service life of the equipment, and most importantly provides more comfortable cooling. The required temperature is maintained more accurately, without sharp fluctuations.

Inverter air conditioning is especially relevant to install where people spend considerable time, for example, in a bedroom or a children’s room.